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Edmond Chiropractor Explains Why The Shoes You Wear Matter

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It’s that time of year when people are going to want to ditch the tennis shoes and wear some flip flops. Last summer we talked about how constantly wearing flip flops can cause pain in your feet, legs, hips, and back. This time we don’t want to just focus on flip flops being the problem, because what we call the “flip flop trot” isn’t the only bad shoe etiquette that can cause you ongoing pain. Today, our Edmond chiropractor explains why the shoes you wear matter.

Some types of shoes, when you look at them, you will just know they are going to cause you pain. Others may surprise you! Let’s take a look at why you may be having to increase your visits to our Edmond chiropractor based on your choice in two different types of shoes.

1.) High heels: This is one of those no-brainer shoes we mentioned. You have to know by looking at heels that they are going to cause you pain and not just in your feet. Simply put, they throw off your alignment by changing the center of gravity, causing extra stress and strain on your lower back. If you insist on wearing heels, the lower the heel, the better.

2.) Ballet flats: Just like flip flops, these flat, slip on shoes don’t offer you any support. The lack of support can lead to stress and strain on joints. Additionally, if the shoe isn’t a good fit your tendons can tighten up as a result of you straining just to keep your shoe on when you walk. If the shoe is too tight then you’re left with the possibility of squeezing and causing pain in your toes which can send surges of pain up to your knees, hips, and lower back.

Tennis shoes, as much as you don’t want to hear it, are the best bet. Insoles or inserts can be helpful as well to lend more support. While we love that you want to visit our Edmond chiropractor and we love treating you for your feet, hips, and back pain we care about you as a person more. Take care of those feet and see a difference in your pain levels. Enjoy your summer, everyone!

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Edmond Chiropractors: Talking about the flip-flop trot

So, the sun is shining, the weather is hot and people everywhere just love to trot around in flat flip-flops. Yes, this is the time of year when tennis shoes get abandoned and people are willing to let their wiggly toes out for all to see. That’s not the problem (even though some of you may disagree), the real problems start to arise when people suffer from wearing those flat shoes. You might be thinking, “wouldn’t I just visit a podiatrist?” That may be something you’d consider, but our Edmond chiropractors have adjusted many hips and even feet as a result of an assortment of pains, including what we’re calling the “flip-flop trot.”

Edmond chiropractors have talked to women who know all too well about the pain that comes along with wearing high-heels on a regular basis. What people don’t realize is that flat shoes, especially flip-flops, can be bad news for you also. When most people wear flip-flops they tend to walk differently than they would in a decent tennis shoe with proper arch support. The thin plastic on flip-flops that wedges between your toes causes pressure against your big toe. This is a subtle difference to some, but the flip-flop trot not only increases risks of pressure pushing up through your toes, but also to your feet, into your legs and even up to your hips. In addition, the toes grip differently to keep the flip-flop from sliding off of your foot.

The incorrectly placed steps caused by wearing flip-flops can lead to such problems such as strains and fractures. Edmond chiropractors know flip-flops are great for the pool or the lake, but limiting your wearing time on a regular basis can help. If you still insist of wearing them, this is where Edmond chiropractors can help! By getting regular adjustments to your spine, hips, and/or feet you can help to improve your flip-flop trot situation.

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