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Frozen Shoulder Treatment With An Edmond Chiropractor

Edmond Chiropractor: Fall Sports Injuries

This fall season has athletes being active with their sports and a lot of what our Edmond chiropractor sees when patients come in is an increase in frozen shoulder injuries. This frequent problem sometimes begins when the rotator cuff is injured and the patient no longer has the ability to move their arm above their shoulder or it is “frozen” into place. Our Edmond chiropractor team knows that flare ups like this are painful and we’d like to help you get adjusted. You may be wondering “how can an Edmond chiropractor help me with frozen shoulder?” Here, we will tell you how adjustments can help with this injury.

Our Edmond chiropractor team offers treatments that help by applying pressure to the area in question. The shoulder adjustments have been known to aid patients with frozen shoulder, because they restore the normal motion of the shoulder. Did you know that shoulder problems could also lead into spinal issues? If you lean one way for an extended period of time to favor the uninjured arm, it’s very likely you’ve created some neck or upper back tension. Our Edmond chiropractors are able to give you spinal adjustments to help your frozen shoulder, as well.

It’s important not to let your frozen shoulder injury linger longer than necessary so that you can avoid long-term problems. The truth is that getting adjusted usually doesn’t hurt, but it’s important to note that it may. The pain tolerance is different for each person, but the majority of our patients walk out with a smile as they can tell the difference in shoulder movement. Of course, having both arms functioning properly makes it easier to get back into those fall sports and they’re usually pretty happy about that part!

If you need help with your frozen shoulder, please call our office to book an appointment as soon as possible. Our contact # is 405-285-7325.