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Visit Our Edmond Chiropractors For Lower Back Pain: Part 1

Edmond Chiropractors: Let’s get you aligned

Did you know that more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, including lower back pain? It also costs them around $600 billion a year in medical treatments, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The problem here is that the “treatments” or pain medications that many Americans take are not really fixing the problem, but rather putting a band-aide over it. Visiting one of our Edmond chiropractors is a wiser choice and we’ll explain more about that in a bit. To get started, in part one of this series our goal is to help you understand a little about what is most likely the cause of your lower back pain.

What our Edmond chiropractors usually see is lower back pain caused by your pelvis being rotated rather than it being straight. There are many reasons why your pelvis could be rotated and a couple of these are:

1.) Trauma
2.) Accidents (car or otherwise)

When your pelvis gets rotated it begins to put pressure on your nerves and joints. As we stated earlier, visiting one of our Edmond chiropractors can fix these types of issues without giving you medication to simply cover up the problem. If the pain kept returning after consuming medications, that should be a red flag that medications aren’t working. Our Edmond chiropractors are best known for safely taking care of acute pain. One of our certified Edmond chiropractors will work to get your joints back to a normal position by eventually working your pelvis out of rotation through a series of adjustments.

Some patients wonder why they are recommended to see a chiropractor in Edmond more than once, but think about it this way; you most likely took several medications in the course of trying to “treat” your pain so you will probably need multiple visits to actually treat it. Your bones are tough so it takes a lot for them to move back to where they need to be. Only through repeated adjustments will they “learn” to stay. We hope that you have found this information helpful and we hope to see you soon.

Stay tuned for part two of this series, but if you’re ready now, let’s get you adjusted! If you would like to know more or want to schedule your appointment please give us a call @ 405-285-7325.

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Edmond Chiropractors Clarify Adjustments

Edmond Chiropractors: Snap, crackle & pop

There have been times when patients tell our Edmond chiropractors that they are afraid getting adjusted will hurt them. A lot of this “hurt” is really just a perception based on the sound heard when the adjustment takes place. What happens when you get adjusted is that your joints get manipulated. Our Edmond chiropractors know this sounds like a scary process to first time patients, but it’s a quick, nearly painless treatment. Here are a few tips to help you understand what you should expect during a routine adjustment with one of our Edmond chiropractors.

1.) One of our Edmond chiropractors will apply his or her hands to the area of your body to be treated.

2.) A short impulse may be applied to the joint area.

3.) You may hear a sound we like to refer to as the “snap, crackle and pop.”

When this happens, it’s important not to get scared or jerk away. Just think of the sound as the same thing you hear when you crack your knuckles. What you’re actually doing when you pop your fingers is moving your joints. The joints in your fingers (and the rest of your body) produce the snap, crackle or popping sound when bubbles burst in the fluid surrounding the joint.

Our Edmond chiropractors will use this similar method to adjust your spine or get joints back to their proper alignment. Adjustments can help you with various things like pain relief, restoring joint function and reducing muscle spasms. Once your body has fully healed and you are no longer experiencing pain symptoms, it is important to come in for periodic chiropractic adjustments to avoid further problems in the future. Usually, this phase of chiropractic care only requires a quick visit to the chiropractor 1-4 times per month, based on your lifestyle and goals.

If you would like to know more or want to schedule your appointment please give us a call @ 405-285-7325.

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