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Chiropractic Care To Reduce Sciatica Nerve Pain

Edmond Chiropractor: The pain reliever

Our Edmond chiropractor is here to share some interesting facts with you, today. Did you know that the sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the human body? It’s true! In fact, it runs from each side of the lower spine through deep in the rear and back of the thigh and all the way down to the foot, connecting the spinal cord with the leg and foot muscles. The term “sciatica” refers to the nerve pain and there can be more than one reason that sciatica pain presents itself. The major reasons include, but may not be limited to:

  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Isthmic spondylolisthesis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

No matter the cause, these spinal disorders can cause spinal nerve compression. The compression on the nerve can result in numbness, weakness and pain. Sciatica is often so painful for patients that it forces them to miss out on activities they would love to do. Common troublesome spots are, generally, concentrated to one side of the body near the hip, leg and foot.

Fortunately, chiropractic care is wonderful for reducing this type of pain. Our Edmond chiropractor has experience in providing chiropractic care that can speed the recovery from sciatica flare ups. After our chiropractor performs various joint adjustments to the spine and other limbs the range of motion and palpation of the lumbar spine will, generally, improve. Most patients will notice a difference after just a few weeks of treatments.

If you notice any ongoing pain from the hip, leg and/or foot areas it might be worth getting a checkup with our Edmond chiropractor to find out if you have sciatica (or something else). It’s possible to just have a pinched nerve. Either way, you can be helped! If you want to get adjusted, you could be on the fast track to feeling healthier.

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Types of Chiropractic Traction From An Edmond Chiropractor

Spinal adjustments by an Edmond Chiropractor

This is the time when a lot of people will be moving around, putting up Christmas decorations, shopping like crazy and preparing for the biggest holiday of the year. It’s no surprise that a lot of people experience back pain whether it be from pulled muscles, ligaments or spinal injuries. Depending on your reason for back pain, if you visit our Edmond Chiropractor you may experience different types of treatments. We do offer traction therapy for certain types of low back pain. By applying force to the patient’s spine through weight our Edmond Chiropractor is able to gently stretch the spine and draw apart the vertebrae.

When you hear the terms “Chiropractic Traction” used by either our Edmond Chiropractor or someone else they might sound scary, but really they are just fancy words used to describe the different ways of completing adjustments for healing back pain. Today, we’re going to explain to you the differences between manual traction and mechanical traction.

Manual traction is when the Edmond Chiropractor uses his hands to support and guide the patient through the traction or adjustment process. Mechanical traction can be by our Edmond Chiropractor to treat the cervical or lumbar spine with the use of devices such as adjusting tables and head halters.

Sounds pretty simple, right? It’s not terribly difficult to do and the end goal is to get you to feeling better than when you walked into our office. To complement and enhance the healing effects of the chiropractic care, traction is just one physiological therapeutic procedure we can do for you. If you are experiencing back pain or the symptoms of pinched nerves, consult with our Edmond Chiropractor to determine if chiropractic traction is right for you.

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An Edmond Chiropractor For Children?

Edmond Chiropractor: Providing many treatments

A lot of parents have been hearing about visiting an Edmond chiropractor for themselves and have wondered if taking their children in for regular treatments is acceptable. The truth is that there has been an increase in the amount of patients visiting an Edmond chiropractor right in our office and guess what? They’re children! You may be wondering if the treatments are safe, if it hurts them and how often treatments should be given. Our Edmond chiropractor office is staffed with individuals who care enough to tell you, right here, exactly what you want to know!

Is it safe? Absolutely! There have been numerous research studies which have verified the benefits of chiropractic care for children. For as many visits as you’ve had at an Edmond chiropractor office we’ve probably treated twice as many children. We treat a range of children from babies, toddlers and school-aged children.

Does it hurt? Not for most children. With smaller children, the amount of force used is very minimal. We’ll always do our best to put the children at ease before we adjust any part of the body.

How often are treatments? This really depends upon your personal preference and the needs of your children. If you’re uncertain you can always set a regular schedule just as you would for other visits such as the dentist, pediatrician, etc.

Visiting an Edmond chiropractor for regular care is helpful as it allows the doctor to maintain minor issues before they turn into major problems. Frequent visits also allow children to have optimal health. In most cases, children are more receptive to chiropractic care than adults as they don’t have years strain on their bones like adults do. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for your children to get adjusted (or yourself) please give us a call at (405)-285-7325.

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Edmond Chiropractor: Helping Pains Typical In Fall

Edmond Chiropractor: Minimizing aches and pains

The leaves have been turning brown, yellow and orange. The weather is cooler and many of you may be completing various tasks related to fall. Raking leaves, climbing ladders and other routine maintenance are quite the tedious chores that have you bending, twisting and moving in all sorts of ways. The wrong kind of movement can cause you a lot of pain and send you seeking an Edmond chiropractor!

There are various types of injuries that could occur during sessions of fall maintenance routines. It could be as simple as a pulled muscle or it could have something to do with your spine. Visiting an Edmond chiropractor for a spinal adjustment may be beneficial to you and we also have a few massage therapists on staff to help you work through those muscles aches. In the event that you would like to prevent injuries while doing your usual fall routines follow these simple prevention tips:

  • Stretch for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to doing any fall house or yard work
  • Wear slip resistant shoes or boots
  • Make sure ladders are clean and clear of debris
  • Make sure ladder is placed on a flat, even surface
  • Lock ladders and/or engage safety braces before climbing
  • When raking use a rake comfortable for your height and strength
  • Watch out for rocks, uneven ground and low hanging branches
  • When picking up (like piles of leaves) bend at the knee, not the waist
  • Avoid twisting motions or stress on lower back

While prevention doesn’t always reduce the risk of back injury by one hundred percent, it can certainly help. If you have even the slightest notion of back pain an Edmond chiropractor is here to help! Seeking an Edmond chiropractor doesn’t have to be scary and if you’re in any pain you don’t have to live with it. If you’d like to visit with a professional, caring Edmond chiropractor please call (405)-285-7325 to book your appointment.

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Visiting An Edmond Chiropractor For Asthma

Edmond Chiropractor: Helping others breathe easy

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America about fifteen million Americans have Asthma. Treatment usually works well to ease and prevent symptoms and it is usually treated with daily inhalers. Asthma is an inflammation and obstruction of the passages that allow air to enter and leave the lungs (bronchial tubes). Something some people don’t think about is the way your neck, spine and ribs can also play a role in how well you can breathe. Think about it like this; the spinal column, the nervous system and the respiratory system have an intermingling relationship. For this reason, you may be amazed to learn that some patients are visiting an Edmond chiropractor to seek ongoing treatment for their Asthma.

Sometimes even the most subtle turn the wrong way can cause rib bones to pop out of their normal place. Imagine all the commotion when an Asthma attack takes place! In addition to the lungs being affected by misplaced ribs, neck muscles can also play an important role. When one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position, they can create pressure on spinal nerves. This pressure has the ability to irritate the nerves. As a result, the neck can become tight causing the normal flow of the lymphatic system (which helps our immune system to function normally) to fail. How does one get over this?

Well, the truth is that only on rare occasions does a person “outgrow” Asthma. As for the rest of the population suffering chronically from Asthma symptoms, an Edmond chiropractor can help. This is in no way to say that you should ever abandon all other methods if you have severe Asthma, but our Edmond chiropractor team does take pride in being able to help areas of the spine, neck and ribs. Our Edmond chiropractor team is certified and familiar with adjustments from head to toe. Some patients reveal that Asthma attacks seem to be less severe and less frequent with regular care.

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Frozen Shoulder Treatment With An Edmond Chiropractor

Edmond Chiropractor: Fall Sports Injuries

This fall season has athletes being active with their sports and a lot of what our Edmond chiropractor sees when patients come in is an increase in frozen shoulder injuries. This frequent problem sometimes begins when the rotator cuff is injured and the patient no longer has the ability to move their arm above their shoulder or it is “frozen” into place. Our Edmond chiropractor team knows that flare ups like this are painful and we’d like to help you get adjusted. You may be wondering “how can an Edmond chiropractor help me with frozen shoulder?” Here, we will tell you how adjustments can help with this injury.

Our Edmond chiropractor team offers treatments that help by applying pressure to the area in question. The shoulder adjustments have been known to aid patients with frozen shoulder, because they restore the normal motion of the shoulder. Did you know that shoulder problems could also lead into spinal issues? If you lean one way for an extended period of time to favor the uninjured arm, it’s very likely you’ve created some neck or upper back tension. Our Edmond chiropractors are able to give you spinal adjustments to help your frozen shoulder, as well.

It’s important not to let your frozen shoulder injury linger longer than necessary so that you can avoid long-term problems. The truth is that getting adjusted usually doesn’t hurt, but it’s important to note that it may. The pain tolerance is different for each person, but the majority of our patients walk out with a smile as they can tell the difference in shoulder movement. Of course, having both arms functioning properly makes it easier to get back into those fall sports and they’re usually pretty happy about that part!

If you need help with your frozen shoulder, please call our office to book an appointment as soon as possible. Our contact # is 405-285-7325.

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Tips From An Edmond Chiropractor: Back Pain & Backpacks

Back Trouble Onset By Heavy Backpacks

This one is, again, for the college students out there. Aside from the stress of enduring school work every day, you could also be one of the many college students putting extra stress on your back. Students complain to our Edmond chiropractor staff a lot about having too many books to carry in their backpacks. Yes, we understand that the campus is large and it may seem as if you never have enough time to go back to your car to swap out books. Of course, making time might need to become an option as heavy books can take a toll on a student’s back.

Research tells us that even a standard backpack load places a lot of compression on the discs within your spine. This can slowly start to increase the curvature of the lower spine. As more college students have come to see us about back related problems we have decided that this issue may need to be brought up. We just wanted to educate other students about this problem. Here are a few tips you can follow to help reduce back pain:

  • Carry lighter loads of books in your pack (stop at the car to swap when needed).
  • Carry your pack correctly. A lot of students let their bags hang low to “look cool,” but this causes more pain. Placing both straps on as intended makes a difference.
  • Complete some easy exercises and stretching once in a while to keep from getting stiff.
  • It seems like such a simple solution, but adjustments with an Edmond chiropractor can do wonders for the body.

Of course, our Edmond chiropractor is willing and able to adjust your spine if you start to feel that your work load and caused your back pain. It’s important that you not let spinal pressure continue to build up without getting it taken care of as it could pose permanent damage later. Our Edmond chiropractor is available to answer any questions you may have about the adjustment process. Give our Edmond chiropractor a call to book your appointment 405-285-7325.

Stress- Edmond Chiropractor

Edmond Chiropractor & Massage Therapist To Beat College Stress

A Quick Fix: Edmond Chiropractor & Massage Therapist

Hundreds of college students have been hard at work these past few weeks. If you’re among them and you feel stressed out with this new semester weighing heavy on your mind, chances are your body is suffering, too. In fact, many students suffer from chronic stress which can lead to health problems. You may find yourself unable to sleep or eat properly along with feelings of muscle and nerve tension. In addition, depression or anxiety may creep up on you as a result of remaining stressed. What can you do? Enter Edmond chiropractor and/or a massage therapist. Yes, it’s true that an Edmond chiropractor or massage therapist could be a quick fix to get you back into studying with a clear, relaxed mind and body.

How visiting an Edmond chiropractor can help with stress: As you study, your head is bent downward to look at books. If most of your research is done via computer you are still putting your spine and neck out of their normal alignment. Sometimes, without even realizing it, students crouch forward while typing. Getting adjustments throughout your spine, in your neck or other joints helps to release pressure build-up from your body. Lower blood pressure can occur with regular adjustments by an Edmond chiropractor, as well. Reducing stress is important to avoid overworking your body.

How visiting a massage therapist can help with stress: Not only do your bones become compressed from sitting for so long, but your muscles also become stiff. A licensed massage therapist can help relax your muscles which will also provide positive results to decrease stress. Research has shown that it can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, relax your muscles and increase the production of endorphins. This is your body’s “feel good” chemical, so you should want more of that.

Stress got you down? Get your quick fix by visiting an Edmond chiropractor and/or a massage therapist. The good news is that we have both right here in our office so you can get taken care of all over in one place. Give us a call to book your appointment 405-285-7325.

Knee- Edmond chiropractor

Edmond Chiropractor: A Pain In The…Knee!

Adjustments By An Edmond Chiropractor

As our Edmond chiropractor team has previously explained in posts, we aren’t just trained to deal with typical neck and back pains. In fact, chiropractic care can be used for many areas of the body. Any area where two bones are attached for the purpose of motion (an articulating joint) with nerves in the middle can be treated with adjustments by an Edmond chiropractor. With over 230 moveable or semi-moveable joints in your body that opens up a lot of possibilities. Today, our Edmond chiropractors wanted to focus on knee pain. This is something that we see a lot of around this time of year due to sports injuries flaring up.

What’s really happening when your knee hurts? While there may be some issues with the spine or hips that actually causes your knee to hurt, often times the knee cap itself will get popped out of place. When the knee has moved from its normal position you begin to feel the pressure and strain on the nerves. Never fear, as all hope is not lost. A lot of this pressure can be relieved by getting adjustments from an Edmond chiropractor. By allowing yourself to get adjusted, the Edmond chiropractor can help to relocate your knee which can alleviate pain associated with the dislocation.

Keep in mind, that any sports can wreak havoc on your knee caps and nerves. Imagine if you didn’t have knee joints or hip joints. You’d walk around stiff-legged and you wouldn’t be able to do much of anything. This is why it is super important to take care of yourself if something does happen. Sometimes, people visit one of our Edmond chiropractors with knee pain that has lingered for years. Don’t let that happen to you!

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Carpal Tunnel- Edmond Chiropractor

Edmond Chiropractors And Carpal Tunnel

Edmond Chiropractor: Providing pain relief

When patients think of an Edmond chiropractor and what they do, it is often misrepresented. A lot of people just think Edmond chiropractors treat back and neck problems, but there are many ways that chiropractic care can heal the body. With the techniques used by an Edmond chiropractor, you could begin to feel relief from carpal tunnel. If you’re one of the hundreds of people suffering from carpal tunnel and you would rather have noninvasive relief from the pain rather than opting for surgery right away, then our Edmond chiropractors just might be your answer!

A lot of college students, arthritis patients or business men and women have carpal tunnel syndrome which leaves them with numbness, tingling, weakness, and other problems in their hands. From your forearm to your hand there are the median nerve and several tendons. The painful or tingling sensations are caused by pressure being placed on the median nerve in your wrist. The bones shifting around can cause swelling in the tendons which brings on the pain in wrists and hands.

You may notice the symptoms in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and half of the ring finger. The little finger is controlled by a different nerve, thus is not included in the symptoms. If you have mild symptoms you can take precautions at home, as well as getting adjusted by an Edmond chiropractor. Some simple steps you can take to help yourself at home are:

• Use an ice pack for 10-15 minutes 1 or 2 times an hour
• Wear a wrist brace at night to take pressure off of your median nerve
• Rest wrist/hands in between strenuous activities
• Don’t smoke
• Maintain a healthy weight

For more serious symptoms, following your doctor’s advice may be the best route as you may have more underlying issues.

Either way, an Edmond chiropractor may be your ticket to getting some relief, today! Give us a call at 405-285-7325 to book your appointment.