Retraining Your Spine With Chiropractic Care And Exercise

Exercise To Maintain Chiropractic Care

In the past our Edmond chiropractor has had blogs talking about the importance of staying hydrated and stretching to maintain good health after an adjustment. Today, our Edmond chiropractor would like to discuss how certain types of exercise can aid in retraining the spine to maintain its proper position. That’s the main goal of chiropractic adjustments, because once your spine stays aligned the body can heal and remedy other problems that may occur.

So what exercises can you do to help support the work that our Edmond chiropractor will do when you visit? Consider walking for up to 10 minutes after our Edmond chiropractor adjusts your spine. This will allow your body to adapt to the new position of the adjusted bones.

Later on in the day, you can help maintain future adjustments (if your overall health allows it) by starting an ongoing exercise routine. Many people automatically think of lifting heavy weights when they think of working out, but the truth is that lifting too much weight could cause more stress on your neck and spine. Thus, if you are going to insist on lifting weights it is vital to avoid leaning forward at the neck. If you like completing sit-ups or crunches choose to do them on an exercise ball rather than the floor. Avoid twisting your spine too much during any exercise routine.

Some patients find that gentle forms of Yoga and Pilates are both great for stretching while also building strength in the core. A more fast-paced, standing exercise that has become popular amongst people who don’t like taking to the ground for a workout find Zumba and other dance cardio classes to be great. These cardio dance classes really get your body in motion.

Of course, starting to exercise may not help right away so you may find that you’ll need to return to the Edmond chiropractor at least once a week to get adjusted, again. Our Edmond chiropractor hopes that this has been an informative blog for you, today. If you have any questions or concerns about chiropractic treatment feel free to call our Edmond chiropractor at 405-285-7325. Our Edmond chiropractor or someone on the staff will be willing to answer your questions or get you scheduled for an appointment.

Immune System

Back To School Immune System Boosting Tips

Ways To Boost Your Immune System

For most students around the metro area, school will back in session within just a few shorts weeks. During these times of high anxiety and moments of rushing around to get everything in order, keeping your immune system in check is more vital. Your immune system is responsible for battling bacterial and viral infections, thus; if it’s overly strained it can’t operate properly. That’s precisely why our Edmond chiropractor has developed this list of back to school immune system boosting tips.

1.) Adjustments: Chiropractic care uses spinal adjustments to correct misalignments and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally. Getting chiropractic adjustments can help your body to naturally fight against the flu and other illnesses.
2.) Exercise: Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to flush out bacteria, increase white blood cell circulation, and reduce the stress-related hormones.
3.) Lemon: Due to its high vitamin C and antioxidant content lemon can help you get over illnesses quicker. Squeezing a little lemon juice in your water or tea can help your body find balance.
4.) Hygiene: Remember to wash your hands after every visit to the restroom, as well as before and after every meal. Doing so will limit your exposure to any harmful pathogens.
5.) Sleep: Create a healthy sleep pattern for yourself. Try to to stick to the same bedtime and wake-up times as much as possible, because lack of sleep can open the flood gate for all kinds of infections and weaken the immune system.

Even the healthiest people can feel the strain of starting a new school semester, but if you follow these guidelines you’ll be one step closer to a stronger immune system. In addition to these 5 immune system boosting tips, our Edmond chiropractor would recommend avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, sugary foods, and stressful situations. All of these factors can cause inflammation in the body and prevent you from healing if you do become ill. If you find yourself feeling stiff (whether it be from muscle pain, nerves, or bones) and none of the preventative measure have helped, our Edmond chiropractor and massage therapists are here to help!

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Edmond Chiropractor-Stretching

Edmond Chiropractor Tip: Stretch To Support Your Adjustment

Edmond Chiropractor Talks About Maintaining Adjustments

When you come in to see our Edmond chiropractor, he’ll take his time getting to know you and what your body needs. Although several treatments may be recommended, it’s ultimately up to you how you go about supporting the adjustment after you leave the office. After the adjustments are completed there is something simple you can do to help support or maintain your adjustment longer.

Before doing anything too crazy, just take a little time to allow your body to get used to the new adjustment. Don’t overexert yourself by exercising or lifting heavy objects for at least a few hours following your appointment. This will help you to avoid putting any unnecessary strain on your spine.

Of course, once you’ve allowed your body to “settle” into the new adjustment it’s perfectly ok to stretch. In fact, that is one of the simplest ways that you can do to help maintain your adjustment. This is especially true if you sit at a desk job all day. Sitting for long periods of time can cause a lot of strain on the lower back so be sure to take a break from sitting once every 20 or 30 minutes.

To help reduce pain and increase mobility in between adjustments do simple stretches without twisting. Here are 3 stretches that may help:

1.) Corner Wall Back Stretch: Stand facing the corner of a room with your palms facing the wall and elbows slightly below shoulder height. Place each hand and forearm on each side of the corner and push yourself towards it as if to complete a push-up. Hold this stretch for at least 20-30 seconds.

2.) Standing Quadriceps Stretch: Stand on one foot and bend the other behind you, grabbing your foot and pulling it in towards your buttocks. Hold this for at least 20-30 seconds and switch to other leg.

3.) Standing Towel Neck Stretch: Place one end of a towel on the ground and step on it with your left foot. With your arm to your side, grab the other end of the towel with your left hand. Slightly pull the towel up with the left hand and tilt your neck to the opposite shoulder. Hold this stretch for 20-30 seconds and release. Repeat the process 3 times on each side.

Our Edmond chiropractor hopes that this has been an informative blog for you, today. If you have any questions or concerns about chiropractic treatment feel free to call our Edmond chiropractor at 405-285-7325. Our Edmond chiropractor or someone on the staff will be willing to answer your questions or get you scheduled for an appointment.

Edmond Chiropractor- Water

Edmond Chiropractor Explains Importance Of Hydration After Adjustment

Edmond Chiropractor Caring About More Than Your Spine

You’ve probably heard it said numerous times that drinking water is highly important to your overall health. This time of year, when the temperatures are warmer it’s even more vital to drink plenty of water. Furthermore, drinking water is even more important for patients who undergo chiropractic treatments. For this reason, our Edmond chiropractor is focusing on explaining the importance of staying hydrated after an adjustment.

What do you think happens when you drink water? Well, of course it requires you to go to the bathroom, but more than that it is helping your kidneys and digestive organs to function properly.

What do you think happens when you have a chiropractic adjustment done? Your body releases tension that it has been holding onto. At the same time your body also releases various toxins that may have been stored up as a result of that tension.

When you intake enough fluids you are actually helping your body to remove toxins faster. When your body is able to remove toxins on a regular basis, it is less likely that you will get sick in the future or that it will aid in recovery from illness. That is precisely why you may hear massage therapists or the Edmond chiropractor at our office tell patients to drink plenty of water after treatment has been completed. Of course, as part of an overall wellness effort for your body, you truly should be drinking plenty of water anyway.

So how much water should you drink every day? Health experts commonly recommend eight glasses of water per day at 8 ounces each. In case you like to measure your fluids in various other units eight 8 ounce glasses of water is the equivalent of 2 liters or a half a gallon.

To help your body release toxins, consider getting chiropractic adjustments weekly and drinking the recommended daily intake of water. If you’re ready to get on the fast track to healing your body, feel free to contact our Edmond chiropractor at 405-285-7325 to schedule your appointment.

Shoes- Edmond Chiropractor

Edmond Chiropractor Explains Why The Shoes You Wear Matter

Edmond Chiropractor: One tip to maintain alignment

It’s that time of year when people are going to want to ditch the tennis shoes and wear some flip flops. Last summer we talked about how constantly wearing flip flops can cause pain in your feet, legs, hips, and back. This time we don’t want to just focus on flip flops being the problem, because what we call the “flip flop trot” isn’t the only bad shoe etiquette that can cause you ongoing pain. Today, our Edmond chiropractor explains why the shoes you wear matter.

Some types of shoes, when you look at them, you will just know they are going to cause you pain. Others may surprise you! Let’s take a look at why you may be having to increase your visits to our Edmond chiropractor based on your choice in two different types of shoes.

1.) High heels: This is one of those no-brainer shoes we mentioned. You have to know by looking at heels that they are going to cause you pain and not just in your feet. Simply put, they throw off your alignment by changing the center of gravity, causing extra stress and strain on your lower back. If you insist on wearing heels, the lower the heel, the better.

2.) Ballet flats: Just like flip flops, these flat, slip on shoes don’t offer you any support. The lack of support can lead to stress and strain on joints. Additionally, if the shoe isn’t a good fit your tendons can tighten up as a result of you straining just to keep your shoe on when you walk. If the shoe is too tight then you’re left with the possibility of squeezing and causing pain in your toes which can send surges of pain up to your knees, hips, and lower back.

Tennis shoes, as much as you don’t want to hear it, are the best bet. Insoles or inserts can be helpful as well to lend more support. While we love that you want to visit our Edmond chiropractor and we love treating you for your feet, hips, and back pain we care about you as a person more. Take care of those feet and see a difference in your pain levels. Enjoy your summer, everyone!

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Edmond Chiropractor- Bed Back Pain

Chiropractic Care For Back Pain Caused By Your Bed

Is Your Bad Bed Causing You Pain?

Millions of Americans are currently suffering from back pain and one of the leading causes of this pain can be traced back to sleeping in odd positions or continuing to sleep on a bad bed. When we say bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the mattress itself is bad. In fact, it could just be your box spring being worn out. If you feel like you have back pain most often after sleeping, come see us! Chiropractic care is perfect for this kind of thing. Your spine may need to be adjusted, especially if it has been crunched in a harmful position for several nights in a row.

Honestly, most people spend approximately one third of their life sleeping. With that being said, doesn’t it make sense that sleeping properly, without pain would be important? There are steps to getting rid of that back pain caused by your bad bed! First, you can choose to come in to see a chiropractor for your spinal adjustments. In some cases, one adjustment just isn’t enough. If you’ve been “abusing” your back for a long while then it may take longer to retrain your spine to stay put.

The second step, after chiropractic care, is that you need to address the main source of the problem. If you’ve ruled out other sources of your pain and it seems most logical that something about your mattress isn’t agreeing with you then you need to fix that problem so that your spinal pain doesn’t keep occurring.

Most mattress experts, that are willing to tell you the truth, will tell you to start from the ground up. Make sure the bed frame is secure with a solid center support to avoid the mattress from sagging. Look at the box spring and if it has actual coils inside then you might want to place a piece of plywood on top of it. A better option would be to get rid of it completely and put the whole mattress on a flat platform.

We hope that this helps someone out there!

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Handheld Acupressure & Trigger Point Stimulation

Benefits Of Acupressure In A Quick Zap

Technology is constantly being introduced into our lives for the purpose of taking an old, great thing and making it more efficient and more readily accessible to more people. The creators of electro-acupressure devices, no doubt, thought the same thing. Contrary to popular belief, acupressure is no longer just a system for stimulating specific points on the body by applying firm pressure to alleviate. It can now be performed with modern, convenient health devices like the ones our Edmond chiropractor uses.

As mentioned, usual methods of acupressure involve the practitioner using their fingers, palms, elbows, feet, or spike mats to apply pressure to the body. One session can last up to one hour with traditional methods. With the electronic, handheld device our chiropractor can find trigger points and apply the vibration pressure necessary to stimulate the area and relieve pain. You get the same benefits of acupressure in a quick zap! When we say zap, we don’t mean for that to sound painful, because truthfully the treatment doesn’t provide too strong of a pulse.

In fact, some patients have reported that within 3-5 minutes they feel relief from pain.

Are you still wondering what else acupuncture is used for? The benefits of acupressure have been recorded as follows:

  • Balancing body energy
  • Helping to maintain good health
  • Enhances muscles tone and increases blood circulation
  • Relieves pain and tension
  • Healing trauma and emotional pain

One thing our Edmond chiropractor believes in is the science behind acupoints, which are the spots targeted for acupressure. When presented with a questionable pain, the chiropractor can usually detect right away which point on the body needs to be triggered to help relieve the pain.

Are you living with pain? You don’t have to! We’d be happy to help. To book an appointment with our Edmond chiropractor, please give us a call @ 405-285-7325.

Rib Cage

Popping A Dislocated Rib Back Into Place

Relieving Rib Pain

Did you know that you can dislocate your rib? It’s actually more common than you may realize. Our Edmond chiropractor sees patients on a daily basis that have experienced rib dislocation. There are several reasons why a person may experience something like this. For example, the force of a sports trauma, coughing violently, or even sleeping with your body in awkward positions for long periods of time can all be contributing factors.

Sometimes, it may be possible for you to ignore the pain and other times it will be very noticeable. This may be the difference between a rib that has fully come out of socket and one that is only partially disconnected or positioned itself unnaturally to a cartilage socket. A lot of patients report that they have trouble breathing properly when a rib is out of place. Another common symptom is the inability to move without pain.

If untreated, a dislocated rib can eventually cause damage to nearby blood vessels, nerves, and/or ligaments. The good news is that a rib being out of place is no big deal for our Edmond chiropractor. In fact, with a quick adjustment it can be in place within minutes. The chiropractor will, generally, be able to get the rib to pop back into place with a standard back adjustment. If for some reason the rib is stubborn, using a high-density roller (it looks like a shorter, fatter version of a swimming pool noodle) the chiropractor can place this behind your back and press you down on it.

You may feel the pressure of the bones popping back into place, but the pressure is worth it as in minutes you’ll feel the difference.

We hope that you have found this information helpful and we hope to see you soon. If you would like to know more or want to schedule your appointment please give us a call @ 405-285-7325.


Is It Safe To Visit A Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

Edmond Chiropractor: Providing safe care

A lot of women enjoy having regular adjustments at our Edmond Chiropractor’s office, but when they get pregnant they may be uneasy about continuing with their treatments for fear that it may harm the baby. We understand that this may cause concern for a lot of expecting mothers and that is precisely why we chose to highlight this topic for today. Is it safe to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy?

The truth is that chiropractic care helps to relieve stress, pain and adjustments help to realign the bones and nerves. All of these actions combined promote a healthy body. You may be surprised to find that there are even specific reasons why chiropractic care is suggested during pregnancy.

In fact, when you’re pregnant the pelvic region tends to become misaligned due to the protruding abdomen and the increased back curve. Having this happen can actually reduce the amount of space allotted to your developing baby and cause the mother pain. Complications can lead to impacting the mother’s ability to have a natural birth.

With that being said, it is safe to say that there are no known indications of harm to pregnant women when they receive chiropractic care as studies show the opposite. Furthermore, the amount of force used to provide adjustments is very minimal and everyone on our Edmond chiropractor team will always do their best to put the patient at ease before continuing with any adjustment. When working with pregnant women, we may use tables that adjust for a pregnant woman’s body and our techniques should avoid unneeded pressure on the abdominal area.

Our Edmond chiropractor cares enough to tell you the truth about your health. You deserve to be treated with the best care possible to that you can give your body and your unborn child the best care possible.

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fibromyalgia- Chiropractic care

What Is Fibromyalgia And Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic Care To Ease Your Pain

You may have heard the term Fibromyalgia, whether it be that a friend, a family member or perhaps yourself have this chronic disorder. A lot of patients have been diagnosed with this condition, but many people fail to understand what Fibromyalgia is all about. Furthermore, patients often wonder if chiropractic care can help. Today, Our Edmond Chiropractor is going to discuss this subject here.

Fibromyalgia is an ongoing battle of pain and sensitivity that impacts the entire musculoskeletal system. In addition to pain, patients have reported serious fatigue and/or trouble sleeping. To be more precise, in order to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, one must have 11 out of 18 specific tender points on their body.

Other symptoms of Fibromyalgia include:

  • Weight gain
  • Cold Symptoms
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Muscular Pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Dizziness
  • Twitches
  • Anxiety
  • Skin Irritations
  • Depression
  • Stiffness
  • Nausea
  • Urinary Problems
  • Extremely painful menstrual cycles (Dysmenorrhea)

The fact is that many patients are unable to find relief from their pain associated with Fibromyalgia. While there is not a “one size fits all” solution to every case, chiropractic care can help in a lot of instances. Since it is speculated that Fibromyalgia can be caused by an immune system disorder, it is possible for chiropractic care to aid in restoring balance to the body.

Studies done by Mayo Clinic research and other publications listed on their site indicate that chiropractic care along with other forms of alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage and gentle yoga are all helpful ways to control Fibromyalgia symptoms. This is in no way to say that you should ever abandon all other methods if you are under the care of a licensed doctor, but our Edmond chiropractor team does take pride in being able to help with adjustments that may bring you relief.

Our Edmond chiropractor team is certified and familiar with adjustments from head to toe. Call to book an appointment with an Edmond chiropractor, today! 405-285-7325.