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Edmond Chiropractor Explains Insomnia Caused By Spinal Misalignment

Edmond Chiropractor: Helping You Get Back To Sleep

According to some data provided by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Foundation, there is a possible connection between someone having a problem with Brain Stem Subluxation (a problem in the upper neck) and that person having insomnia. With that being said, even those who do sleep, but feel unrested or can’t turn their mind off could have a potential issue. Our Edmond chiropractor would like to talk to you if you feel like sleep or rest is difficult to obtain for you.

More of the research points to how the nerve cells in the brainstem, or reticular formation, activate portions of your brain that produce wakefulness and sleepiness. As even our Edmond chiropractor could tell you, since the signals fire to and from the brain,  it’s no wonder that if the upper neck is not fully straight, or is misaligned, that insomnia could occur.

You may wonder how this sort of thing can happen to you. The truth is that small misalignments of the spine can happen from every day work or minor exercise. Bigger issues can happen as a result of accidents which cause injuries to the spinal area. Postural changes from one part of the body can often impact other areas as people tend to adjust accordingly to accommodate for the pain as they walk around during the day.

Imagine not sleeping well and then not being able to function properly all day as a result. Sleep is vital, especially since most people spend an average of 1/3 of their life sleeping. Our Edmond chiropractor stresses that a decent rest is important for being able to navigate through work loads, family time, and having an abundant personal life. If you’re not sleeping due to a possible spinal misalignment just know that the vicious cycle can begin to cause other problems with someone’s overall health.

If you’re suffering from lack of sleep or have problems with getting a decent rest when sleeping, you may just need a good adjustment! Feel free to contact our Edmond chiropractor so that we can help you get back to sleep. Our Edmond chiropractor, Hooper Chiropractic, can be reached by calling 405-285-7325.