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Edmond Chiropractor Shares 2 Common Car Accident Injuries

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Car accidents happen far too often these days. In fact, the Department of Public Safety shows that in Oklahoma over 53,000 accidents occurred in 2015. This is the most up to date data fully documented at this time, but with so many cases it’s no wonder! Based on the statistics provided, over 44,000 people in Oklahoma were in need of car accident care. Our Edmond chiropractor can only imagine what the statistics for 2016 and 2017 will look like as more people have entered the roadway.

With that being said, today we are here to discuss a 2 of the most common car accident injuries and car accident care treatments that our Edmond chiropractor can provide to you.

1.) Whiplash: This is by far the most well-known car accident injury. The impact is strong enough to force the driver’s head backward and forward very rapidly. The strain put on one’s neck is most common due to rear end collisions. Muscles, ligaments, and the spine running up the neck being extended beyond their average range of motion causes a lot of pain, headaches, stiffness, fatigue, dizziness, and often the injured person has a reduced range of motion.

2.) Spinal Damage: Injuries in the spine can be simple to severe. Common injuries include fractures, dislocation, or crushed vertebrae. Injury to the spine after a car accident can lead to multiple problems, too. For example, a damaged spinal cord can lead to a person’s inability to control bladder or bowel movements, problems moving limbs, difficulty breathing, and loss of sensations.

These two common car accident injuries require that people seek medical attention as soon as possible. The longer one waits, the worse ongoing pain may become. If you have been in accident, our Edmond chiropractor encourages you to seek care quickly!

For dislocated bones, tightened muscles, or pinched nerves a series of chiropractic adjustments can allow the body to be relieved of pain. Within weeks after receiving chiropractic care, most patients notice a difference and are on the road to recovery. If adjustments alone are not enough our office offers several treatment options to supplement the adjustments such as robotic therapy tables and massage therapy.

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