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Edmond Chiropractor Offering Advice On Coconut Water

Benefits Of Real Coconut Water Discussed By Edmond Chiropractor

As you may have realized, coconut water has become quite popular. While this low calorie water is being dubbed “mother nature’s sports drink” it’s important to understand that not every coconut water is created equal. Our Edmond chiropractor is here to offer some friendly advice about this healthy craze.

First, we all should know by now that anything that comes from a pre-packaged container isn’t ever going to be as naturally beneficial to your body as the real deal. Thus, if you can help it, the first suggestion our Edmond chiropractor would have to make is that you buy real coconuts. Yes, it can be a pain to crack them open, but with practice it can be done easily and the payoff is worth it! Here’s a video to show you how to open a coconut.

Real coconut water is so hydrating that in WWII it was used intravenously to hydrate soldiers, because coconut water contains a unique combination of B vitamins, vitamin C, micronutrients, and phytohormones that are exceptionally beneficial to health.

In some countries they still do use it intravenously as a means to replace lost minerals and electrolytes in those who have become dehydrated. Natural coconut water matches more closely to the PH levels of the body than any sports drinks or soda which are very acidic. As you can imagine, if you’ve been working up a good sweat, replenishing these minerals is a very good thing.

If you cannot purchase fresh coconuts our Edmond chiropractor will caution you to look at the labels of the cans or bottles of coconut water you wish to purchase. Keep in mind that some companies add in extra sugar or other “fluff” ingredients which make the drink less healthy.

Curious about which packaged brands are full of junk and which ones aren’t? Our Edmond chiropractor found this link for a blogger who did her homework. She goes into detail about which brands of coconut water she would suggest avoiding, the reasons why, and also provides a list of those she prefers to buy and why.

Our Edmond chiropractor hopes this information helps you make the best decision about drinking the healthiest coconut water. Good luck with your coconut water adventures!