Edmond Chiropractor Provides Information For Proper Push-ups

Edmond Chiropractor: Saving You From Lower Back Pain

One of the most popular “trouble spots” for men and women are their arms, chest, and triceps. Many men are self conscious about their upper body shape while many women are worried about the “pudge” that may form around the armpit region and their arms. Thus, these people tend to turn to push-ups as a primary way to exercise these troublesome areas, but be careful as bad form can lead to lower back pain. As the new year starts out with everyone aiming to get in shape, our Edmond chiropractor felt it would be a great time to provide some information on performing proper push-ups.

It sounds silly to hear our Edmond chiropractor say that as a side-effect of pushing yourself up improperly that you can cause stress on your spine, but it’s true. It is all in the way one positions themselves. For example, when you lower yourself down, do not let your hips sag as this is the most common mistake people make! Most often allowing the hips to dip too low is a result of having a weak core so it would be smart to focus on building up some core strength in the abs to help yourself prevent injury in the lower back (planks and leg lifts are a nice option).

Our Edmond chiropractor can adjust the spine and we do have massage therapists on staff to help with fatigued muscle pain, but injuring yourself beyond that is not worth the risk. To complete a proper push-up know that you should be creating a straight line with your body from your shoulders to your heels. You’re going to need to make use of your abs and quadriceps to keep yourself engaged in the proper form. As you lower down to the floor, it’s important to remember your straight line posture and push yourself back up in a steady motion. Don’t worry about pumping in the reps too quickly, just take it as slow as you need to go.

If you happen to get a little sore, that’s obviously normal and we’d love to help you recover faster. Our Edmond chiropractor would be happy to help you get adjusted or schedule you for a massage.

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