Edmond Chiropractor: Preventing Hip Fractures This Winter

Edmond Chiropractor: Safety Tips For Not Falling

Winter time in Oklahoma can be quite brutal, mostly due to the fact that it’s unpredictable. Our Edmond chiropractor likes to prepare as much as possible in the event that icy conditions become a problem during the winter months. Taking precautions is important, because unexpected falling can lead to hip fractures, especially for the elderly. Today, our Edmond chiropractor would like to provide some safety tips to keep you upright so that hip fractures can be avoided this winter.

  • Wear appropriate shoes: Choose a practical shoe with good traction when having to walk on slippery sidewalks, stairs, and slopes.
  • Take a cell phone for help: If you find yourself leaving the house during inclement weather having a cell phone to connect with friends or family is a smart move. In case you do fall down you’ll have the necessary means to call for help.
  • Use that sidewalk salt: It may be silly to only purchase salt for a minimal time, but the salt does work to keep pathways clear so that you can avoid slips.
  • Try exercising indoors: If you’re an avid exerciser remember that winter conditions may make it unsafe for you to stay active outside. That doesn’t mean stop working out! Simply consider moving your routine indoors.
  • Get regular adjustments: Taking care of your body on an ongoing basis is the best way to ensure strong bones. Getting adjustments by our Edmond chiropractor may be able to help you prevent injuries by allowing your bones to stay strong.
  • Eat a healthy diet: Maintaining your health and forming strong bones starts with your diet, too. Consider plenty of foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D.

We hope you’ve found this informative!

If you should fall down and find that your hip isn’t fractured, but there is still some obvious pain radiating from anywhere in your middle spine down to your hips, legs, or feet you could have something out of place. In this case, our Edmond chiropractor would be happy to adjust your spine and get things back in alignment.

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