Edmond Chiropractor & Massage Therapists Help Fight Holiday Stress

Edmond Chiropractor & Massage Therapists: Beat Stress Of The Season

Thousands of Americans are feeling the strain of the holiday season as they rush about to get Thanksgiving foods stored away and shop for Christmas gifts. If you’re among the stressed out crowd there is a greater risk of allowing illness to come upon your body. The flu season is not a time when you want your body to be susceptible to disease. Having stress of the holidays added to the daily stress factors of heavy traffic, important deadlines, and bills can have a negative impact on your mind and body. A lot of people aren’t great at learning to “let go” and they often feel guilty when they finally do allow themselves a moment of peace. We’re here to encourage you to take that moment for yourself and our Edmond chiropractor and massage therapists can help!

Why do we feel more stress during the holidays than at any other time? It just seems that during the holidays, stress takes on a different character than at other times of the year. People simply feel a duty to make the holidays the best they can for their families. That doesn’t have to mean forgetting to do something nice for yourself.

Imagine your stress is in the boxing ring and it’s about to get a double whammy punch from an Edmond chiropractor on one side and a massage therapist on the other. Our Edmond chiropractor is a champion adjuster! He can adjust your spine, releasing tension that builds up in your neck, back, hips, and legs. Follow that up with a soothing massage from any of our team therapists and you’ll practically be “walking jello”. Imagine for a moment the calming music, the low-light setting, and the stress melting away.

You could be saying goodbye to holiday stress and hello to feeling at ease. So what if you have one hundred more things on your to-do list? It’s only a short break from the chaos of the holiday season. Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself for a little bit.

Start feeling a little more relaxed by visiting with our Edmond chiropractor and/or a massage therapist. Give us a call to book your appointment 405-285-7325.