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Edmond Chiropractor Explains Importance Of Hydration After Adjustment

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You’ve probably heard it said numerous times that drinking water is highly important to your overall health. This time of year, when the temperatures are warmer it’s even more vital to drink plenty of water. Furthermore, drinking water is even more important for patients who undergo chiropractic treatments. For this reason, our Edmond chiropractor is focusing on explaining the importance of staying hydrated after an adjustment.

What do you think happens when you drink water? Well, of course it requires you to go to the bathroom, but more than that it is helping your kidneys and digestive organs to function properly.

What do you think happens when you have a chiropractic adjustment done? Your body releases tension that it has been holding onto. At the same time your body also releases various toxins that may have been stored up as a result of that tension.

When you intake enough fluids you are actually helping your body to remove toxins faster. When your body is able to remove toxins on a regular basis, it is less likely that you will get sick in the future or that it will aid in recovery from illness. That is precisely why you may hear massage therapists or the Edmond chiropractor at our office tell patients to drink plenty of water after treatment has been completed. Of course, as part of an overall wellness effort for your body, you truly should be drinking plenty of water anyway.

So how much water should you drink every day? Health experts commonly recommend eight glasses of water per day at 8 ounces each. In case you like to measure your fluids in various other units eight 8 ounce glasses of water is the equivalent of 2 liters or a half a gallon.

To help your body release toxins, consider getting chiropractic adjustments weekly and drinking the recommended daily intake of water. If you’re ready to get on the fast track to healing your body, feel free to contact our Edmond chiropractor at 405-285-7325 to schedule your appointment.