Handheld Acupressure & Trigger Point Stimulation

Benefits Of Acupressure In A Quick Zap

Technology is constantly being introduced into our lives for the purpose of taking an old, great thing and making it more efficient and more readily accessible to more people. The creators of electro-acupressure devices, no doubt, thought the same thing. Contrary to popular belief, acupressure is no longer just a system for stimulating specific points on the body by applying firm pressure to alleviate. It can now be performed with modern, convenient health devices like the ones our Edmond chiropractor uses.

As mentioned, usual methods of acupressure involve the practitioner using their fingers, palms, elbows, feet, or spike mats to apply pressure to the body. One session can last up to one hour with traditional methods. With the electronic, handheld device our chiropractor can find trigger points and apply the vibration pressure necessary to stimulate the area and relieve pain. You get the same benefits of acupressure in a quick zap! When we say zap, we don’t mean for that to sound painful, because truthfully the treatment doesn’t provide too strong of a pulse.

In fact, some patients have reported that within 3-5 minutes they feel relief from pain.

Are you still wondering what else acupuncture is used for? The benefits of acupressure have been recorded as follows:

  • Balancing body energy
  • Helping to maintain good health
  • Enhances muscles tone and increases blood circulation
  • Relieves pain and tension
  • Healing trauma and emotional pain

One thing our Edmond chiropractor believes in is the science behind acupoints, which are the spots targeted for acupressure. When presented with a questionable pain, the chiropractor can usually detect right away which point on the body needs to be triggered to help relieve the pain.

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