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Edmond Chiropractor: Aiding With Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Edmond Chiropractor: Talking about hip pain

Did you know that our Edmond chiropractor can aid with Osteoarthritis pain relief? Yes, it’s true! Do you have this disease that affects cartilage? Read on!

Cartilage is a slippery tissue that covers bones in a joint. When a person has healthy cartilage their bones are able to glide, easily, over each other and cartilage helps absorbs the shock of movement. Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that is caused by the cartilage breaking down. For many, this causes a lot of pain, swelling and loss of motion in the joint.

Joint injuries and a person’s age can be two major factors for Osteoarthritis. A lot of reports from patients have them feeling pain in their knee and hip area. Often, it’s only on one side. Sometimes, the pain gets to be so bad that a person will barely even be able to move their leg on the side where the pain originates. Some people report that when their Osteoarthritis “flares up” that they can’t even get out of bed without help, let along move around.

In these types of cases, our Edmond chiropractor may suggest several visits over a certain period in order to aid with the pain and, hopefully, get you moving again. In a case with a sore hip due to Osteoarthritis, our Edmond chiropractor would follow chiropractic treatment primarily consisting of hip and spinal manipulation, mobilization and passive stretching.

For many Osteoarthritis patients, regular chiropractic care can have them seeing increased range of motion, improved balance and gait speed. On some occasions, patients have reported that only after 3 or 4 visits they felt “much better”. After months or years of pain, it can be quite an amazing feeling to finally be able to walk away without dragging a leg behind you.

If you have Osteoarthritis visiting with our Edmond chiropractor may be your ticket to being able to stand and walk straight. It may not be the cure all, but at the very least you may just get some relief from the pain.

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