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Edmond Chiropractor & Massage Therapist To Beat College Stress

A Quick Fix: Edmond Chiropractor & Massage Therapist

Hundreds of college students have been hard at work these past few weeks. If you’re among them and you feel stressed out with this new semester weighing heavy on your mind, chances are your body is suffering, too. In fact, many students suffer from chronic stress which can lead to health problems. You may find yourself unable to sleep or eat properly along with feelings of muscle and nerve tension. In addition, depression or anxiety may creep up on you as a result of remaining stressed. What can you do? Enter Edmond chiropractor and/or a massage therapist. Yes, it’s true that an Edmond chiropractor or massage therapist could be a quick fix to get you back into studying with a clear, relaxed mind and body.

How visiting an Edmond chiropractor can help with stress: As you study, your head is bent downward to look at books. If most of your research is done via computer you are still putting your spine and neck out of their normal alignment. Sometimes, without even realizing it, students crouch forward while typing. Getting adjustments throughout your spine, in your neck or other joints helps to release pressure build-up from your body. Lower blood pressure can occur with regular adjustments by an Edmond chiropractor, as well. Reducing stress is important to avoid overworking your body.

How visiting a massage therapist can help with stress: Not only do your bones become compressed from sitting for so long, but your muscles also become stiff. A licensed massage therapist can help relax your muscles which will also provide positive results to decrease stress. Research has shown that it can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, relax your muscles and increase the production of endorphins. This is your body’s “feel good” chemical, so you should want more of that.

Stress got you down? Get your quick fix by visiting an Edmond chiropractor and/or a massage therapist. The good news is that we have both right here in our office so you can get taken care of all over in one place. Give us a call to book your appointment 405-285-7325.